School of the Bible

open-bibleBanner of Love, School of the Bible is a two year, intensive course taught from a Hebraic approach to the scriptures. Over the course of two years, the school will cover the following subjects:

Old Testament Survey

New Testament Survey


Church History

BOL School of the Bible runs annually from October through June, taking a break for summer holiday. Class is held weekly, on Tuesdays from 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm. A brief break with light refreshments is held around 8:00.

There is no charge for enrollment, as we like to provide the school for free. Although, there may be small costs to the student over the two years for supplies, books and materials required for the class.

For enrollment and questions, contact us.

To catch up on old class videos watch our YouTube videos here.

Year One:

Eschatology – Study of the End Times

Torah – Revealing of God’s heart through His Law

Creation (Genesis) – Taught from a “young earth” perspective, while also covering various other views of creation, evolution, etc.

The Writings – Books of Wisdom and Israel’s History

Year Two:

The Prophets – Major & minor prophets and their prophecies concerning Israel

Church History – Using the text, Floods Upon the Dry Ground, we’ll study the constant movement of the Holy Spirit throughout history, and the restoration of the revelation of Israel to the church.

New Testament Survey – study of the entire New Testament and its Hebrew-minded authors